In the market, there are always various demands from the consumers, and this isn’t different in the financial sector too, that’s why 4SPEND offers three types of devices to its future customers. These terminals have different sizes, shapes, have different functions and they mostly differ from the conventional devices in their extraordinary look. The 4SPEND’s devices have a lot in common, but thanked their unique features, they can satisfy various needs. Let’s see these features!

What is common in these 3 terminals?

The 4SPEND terminals are fast, modern, and have touch screens, and are even eco-friendly, as they have an e-receipt function. All three terminals can be handled easily, as their surface is transparent, so they don’t cause any trouble to their users. Nowadays we cannot live without a WiFi connection, so it’s mandatory for our devices to have this option too! Furthermore, we have to highlight the fact that these terminals, and also the services running on them are bank independent, so they can be fitted to any businessmen, specialists or vendors needs.

Now let’s take a closer look on these terminals:


The 4SPEND biggest and most eye-catching terminal is the 4PRO, or called by its nickname: “the sexy”. Thanks to its size, its attention-grabbing screen can be seen well so it can be used to display digital picture- or video ads, and at the same time, it’s also stable and has a transparent interface. From our all three terminals, this is the only one that’s not portable, that’s why we recommend it to bigger facilities, where many people get around, where a huge amount of commodities are being sold, where there is a lot of visitors, and, obviously, the mobility of the device is not necessary. Accordingly, this terminal will be the most useful in places, where the customers always paying at the cashier. Without any claim for exhaustiveness, these facilities can be:

– Department stores
– Hotels
– Speciality stores
– Jewelry stores
– Pharmacies etc.


This terminal is the medium-sized member of our product range, namely, this one is the typical terminal, which is in most people minds when it comes to POS terminals. Beyond his sleek and compact appearance, he doesn’t lag behind his big brother in knowledge either. The 4 LITE terminals’ biggest benefit hides in its portability, as it can make its usage more pleasant for its users. If we running a busy business, this terminal can be the perfect choice for us! By this token, we recommend this device to every store, where fast and easy checkout is important for the customers and the employees too, in the case of card payments. Thereby the 4LITE terminal can do great service in:

– Restaurants
– Entertainment venues
– Tobacco shops
– Small businesses
– Grocery stores
– Service providers etc.


This device is the 4 SPEND product family’s smallest terminal, hence its appearance is more similar first to a smartphone than a POS terminal. It’s portable and compact just like its middle-sized sibling but due to its size, it can be fit in smaller places, for eg. even in a pocket. This device only needs a WiFi connection or a stable signal, as it also works with a SIM card. If we use the 4M with a SIM card, it can function as a mobile phone too. This device can be operated easily, and the best thing is that we can bring it with us anywhere. We recommend the 4M terminal to those who travel a lot because of their job, to those who continually and flexibly changing their store’s location, and to those who don’t have an exact place to do their job but still need a POS terminal. So this terminal can be suitable for:

– Couriers
– Self-employment
– Itinerant retailers
– Beauty industry workers
– Taxi drivers
– Repairmen etc.

We truly hope that everyone can found a terminal fitting for their needs from our devices. We offer the new era of payment to our future partners, and that means that we’re a company who’s flowingly innovating and standing out in developments, who not only support today’s but the future’s payment methods. Paying with a QR code or with a virtual currency is not a futuristic dream but a reality to us!

If you would like to try the benefits of 4SPEND for free, contact us on our website!