You surely noticed, that sometimes you typed your password too fast during a bank-card payment, or you and the cashier had to wait for minutes for the system’s feedback. If you want to avoid these inconveniences in your business, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve collected the needed things for a fast POS terminal.

What is a fast business like?

In this running world, you have to keep up with everything: with the technological developments, with the new trends, with the renewing needs of the customers and even with the time! In a fast business almost instantly appears a new product or additional service, if there is a claim for it from the customers and also the service’s flow is smooth and precise. Still, the customer will feel the process slow if they had been in a queue for minutes and even had to wait at the cash register for the feedback of the payment. Therefore they not even going to stand in line if they see that their turn will not come within 5 minutes and they’ll rather leave the store.

According to one American research, for most customers, 5-minute is the limit which time beyond they are not willing to wait in line any longer.

What could stand behind a fast POS terminal?

The secret of a fast POS terminal is not a single constituent or trick. The answer is more complicated than that. An important thing is a good hardware, in one word the device itself. The fast POS terminal contains that kind of chips and circuits, which allows fast data processing, and transmission during the card payments. And of course, it depends on the software in a large measure too! The fast POS terminal not only works with the newest software but the software’s continuous updates also matter. Every new technical feature comes to the POS terminal in a form of an update if the terminal uses a former version of the software. As well a new legal regulation can be built easily in the software, which gets orderly updates from the service provider.

An essential condition of the fast POS terminal is the fast internet connection.

Whether if it’s cable internet, WiFi, or mobile connection, it’s important that it provides data traffic at the best available bandwidth to the POS terminal. In order to do this, our POS terminals possess 4G bandwidth, whilst the terminals currently in service are having mostly 2G and 3G bandwidth. Not to forget about the human resources too. An experienced workforce is key in every business. Knowing the system allows to track the card payment processes smoothly and fast. Since our POS terminals operate with the widely known Android operating system, their usage can be mastered easily, and handling the card payment transaction doesn’t require any background knowledge.

What makes a POS terminal fast in the 4SPEND’s offer?

On our every terminal, a fast android system is running, which has been developed precisely for payment transactions. We refresh our software regularly on the demands of our clients remotely (so we don’t have to be there physically to do it). We selected our POS terminals to meet the requirement of the most powerful internet access and data transmission. The 4PRO terminal exclusive look is attracting the eye, so it attracts the customer’s attention not only during the payment. By contrast, the 4LITE terminal is compact and clear-out, so it can be practical in places where the terminal has to be carried out to tables or has to be relocated to and fro between cash registers. And the 4M is a true mobile terminal, which we fitted with telephone function.

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